Venture Capital
For Efficient

What we do

D2 is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups. We help founders own more of their business at exit by bringing the right type of capital at the right time.

Equity financing has been the go-to for startup funding for a long time. Startups are inherently risky, so it has made sense to fund them this way. The startup playbook has matured a lot over the last decade - venture funding...not so much.

We’ve set out to give more options to the founders we partner with, and the in-house expertise needed to understand which of those options leads to the best outcomes for everyone involved.

How we invest

Straight Equity

We’re first and foremost a venture fund, and love making equity investments into capital efficient startups.

We invest at pre-seed to seed, can lead or co-invest, and do ticket sizes of £250k - £1m.


Debt-Equity Hybrid

When it makes sense, we lead with equity, and can provide a debt facility to help you fund the more predictable parts of your business, or to offer credit to your customers.

We always lead with equity, so we do not provide debt as a standalone.



The HERO works like a SAFE note with an optional rev share path to redeem equity.

This is a fantastic tool for founders who plan to scale their business in a capital-lite manner, and want to retain more equity in their business. Learn more about the HERO


What we look for


Climate Tech
Applied AI


Positive Unit Economics from Inception
Founder-market Fit
Capital Efficiency
Clear Path to Breakeven