Funding capital-efficient software businesses

B2B Software

Primary & Secondary

Up to £2M

UK & Europe

Funding capital-efficient software businesses


Primary & Secondary

Up to £2M

UK & Europe

What we look for

Efficient Entrepreneurship

The most consistent positive investment outcomes come from efficient businesses. We look for companies that stay lean and obsess about their customers and longevity, not their next funding round

Mission-Critical Products

We favour companies that can demonstrate a tangible ROI for their product that directly improves the top or bottom line for their customers and becomes a core part of how they do business

Our work starts once we’ve invested

“D2 has been the number one partner for our company. Their team has provided us with valuable guidance and support as we navigate the challenges of growing a startup. They have also introduced us to key contacts and helped us make important connections in the industry from hiring to marketing.”

Justina T | Co-founder and CEO

First year post-investment

  • Sourced Head of Marketing
  • Provided Mezzanine lending facility
  • Ran product positioning workshops
"D2 came on board as one of our first investors and the support we've seen has been unmatched. They act as a sounding board to us as founders, helped on hiring, introduced us to customers, and even introduced us to our eventual lead investor for the following round. We're extremely lucky to have D2 on our cap table.”

Alex L | Co-founder and CEO

First year post-investment

  • Introduced the lead investor and co-investor in following funding round
  • Key Customer introductions
"As part of our cap table, D2 look out for us as founders, regularly keep us tapped in to market movements and competitors, and provide a lot of helpful intros. They're also a good advocate for the rest of the cap table, often articulating concerns candidly and transparently."

Joseph U | Co-founder and CEO

First year post-investment

  • Ran several G2M strategy workshops with the team
  • Provided pricing and contract structuring guidance

Equity capital is expensive. We help you spend it wisely

Founder Alignment

We prioritise sustainable compounding growth and will never push portfolio founders to raise capital to mark up our own books

Hands On

Every investment matters to us. We work hard for our founders and help with everything from hiring to customer intros

Alternate Financing

Equity capital isn’t always the right choice. We help deliver debt & grant funding to help maintain founder equity