Founded in 2020 by Justina Tartilaite and Freddie Digby, Adsum is a cashflow solutions provider allowing users to grow fast by calculating and advancing a funding solution for all their UK Tax Receivables including VAT, Creative Industries and R&D Tax Credits.

Through the use of its in-house technological solution, Adsum can auto-calculate VAT, R&D and creative industries tax credits and refunds, removing the need for tax consultant work. From here, a credit line is provided that is drawable against and repaid by its users’ tax credits and refunds. The company is able to provide capital in as little as twenty-four hours.

Connect Earth

Emissions data doesn’t empower consumers and companies to reduce their footprint. They can’t compare merchants and products, because the data is siloed across reports and databases.Connect Earth solves this by aggregating and standardising emission data on companies and products. Starting in FinTech, they package their data as an API, and integrate into payments, banking and eventually investment products. This enables consumers and companies to measure the carbon footprint of any purchase, using merchant-level data accuracy in order to make sustainable choices.They’re also building a carbon data platform, available to anyone, offering insights into the relative environmental performance of over 1,000 companies such as Nike and Tesco.


Imagine if we all checked for a secondhand, rent or repair option first instead of defaulting to buying a new replacement for something we own. We’d all save a little more money, and we’d be a lot kinder to the planet. Loma wants to strengthen and connect all the different marketplaces and platforms out there to make this a reality.